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Welcome to the Horror Store @ Atrocities!

I'm offering a few promotional items for now, as well as copies of Ultra Violent Magazine Issue Number 7. At this point, I'm only accepting payment via PayPal, and I'll add more items as the weeks and months progress.

Have Fun!

Atrocities Logo T-Shirt - Click for Details

Featuring a familiar and striking design from Cannibal Holocaust
Click here to purchase from my Cafe Press store (opens in new window)

Ultra Violent Magazine Issue # 7 - Only $6.00 Postage Paid within the USA

Featuring an Article by chaos731, your friendly neighborhood webmaster, and an Atrocities print ad! Autographed by yours truly...

Atrocities Logo Sticker - Black Vinyl - 4.25" X 2.75" - Price= $3.00 USD Postage Paid

Guaranteed to Increase the Value of Your Car! *

Atrocities Logo Button - 1 inch diameter - Price= $2.00 USD Postage Paid

Guaranteed to Make You Irresistable to the Opposite Sex! **

Keep This Site Alive and Kicking! Click Below to Donate Two (2) Measly Bucks to Atrocities!

* Note: sticker will not increase the value of your car

** Note: button will not increase your chances of getting laid

...more items coming soon...

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